Cloud mining. $200 bonus to all new users

What is cloud mining and how does it work?

Let’s try to explain in simple terms.

Bitcoin cloud mining works as follows: a team of miners, using an online cloud service, buys expensive and efficient mining equipment. Each user who has purchased a contract has a short-term right to a portion of the computing power of the device.

Mining equipment is put into operation and connected to the cloud pool. The received cryptocurrency from the pool is distributed among the owners of the device evenly, based on the size of the contribution.

Cloud mining gives you the opportunity to mine cryptocurrency without equipment.

Is it possible to use your service without investments?

Cloud mining without investments and with bonuses is just a marketing ploy of some services to attract visitors to your site. You should be aware that cryptocurrency mining requires resources that cost money. Most often, services without investments will never pay you funds. We recommend that you do not waste your time on them, as you may encounter cryptocurrency withdrawal problems on these services.

In our service, we sell real power, which is bought for money. Thanks to this policy, our bitcoin cloud mining is the most reliable and brings income to real investors. We do not give away money for free. Free mining is a scam.

Where can I read reviews of real people about your cloud service?

You can find reviews of real people about our site on the review pages and forums dedicated to cryptocurrencies. Our real clients, who receive income and earnings, periodically post reviews on the Internet.

We do not publish reviews of our customers on our website, as we consider it inappropriate.

Work only with trusted sites and online platforms that pay, as there is a lot of fraud and deception in the cryptosphere. Reading reviews is one of the effective ways to choose the best and honest real service without cheating.

How to buy bitcoin mining power on your website?

In order to buy computing power on our website, you need to register on the official website, replenish your account in the system, create a contract using the profitability calculator, familiarize yourself with the tariffs and buy a lease contract for cloud computing power. The next day after purchasing a power contract, you will be credited with the first coins. Installation of any online programs is not required. You can order the received coins for withdrawal at least every day. The withdrawal of bitcoin is carried out as quickly as possible. After the received bitcoins, you can exchange them for rubles in the exchanger you like.

Why cloud mining is more profitable than classic mining?

Advantages of cloud mining:

  • Low entry threshold. You can make a profit by investing only $ 50. In the classic version of crypto mining, this is not possible.
  • no need to purchase expensive equipment;
  • there is no need to deal with organizational issues – rent of premises, supply of equipment, legal issues, and so on;
  • Suppliers sell equipment to large companies at big discounts;

Why mine cryptocurrency when you can just buy it?

Without mining, we would not have cryptocurrencies in the classical sense. Blockchain exists thanks to miners. Without mining, it would not be possible to use bitcoin. Investment in crypto mining is more than an investment, it is a contribution to the faith of blockchain technology. Thanks to mining, you become the object of a system that not only uses it, but also supports its operation.

Mining coins is always more profitable than a regular purchase. Even during periods of strong price drops, along with the price, the complexity of mining decreases because of this, miners mine more cryptocurrencies. Most often, in a bear market, the accumulated cryptocurrency is sold during periods of a price jump. In a bull market, cryptocurrencies are held for as long as possible.

Why are you earning more than your competitors?

  1. Due to large discounts from suppliers, we are able to buy equipment at competitive prices.
  2. Our mining center is located in a region with very low electricity prices.
  3. The equipment of our center is constantly being optimized and modernized
  4. Thanks to a highly qualified team, we are able to quickly respond to the super-profitable opportunities of all cryptocurrencies

What is the point of a cloud service to sell its capacity?

By selling contracts, we have the opportunity to purchase new equipment from suppliers. In a growing market, this is important as equipment becomes more expensive due to high demand. The more equipment we can buy, the more discounts are provided by suppliers and the cheaper the capacity costs us.

What cryptocurrencies does the cloud service work with?

Our cloud service is mainly focused on Bitcoin cryptocurrency. But sometimes we switch capacities to mining other cryptocurrencies. Any other cryptocurrency we mine is exchanged for bitcoin. Only bitcoin is credited to your account in the system.

What is the minimum entry threshold?

The minimum investment amount for cloud service users is $50

When can I withdraw cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency bitcoin can be withdrawn to your wallet on the next day of purchase of the contract.

Why is it necessary to mine cryptocurrency even if it falls in price?

There is a clear dependence of the cryptocurrency rate and the complexity of mining. The lower the rate, the more cryptocurrency you can mine. You can exchange the mined cryptocurrency when the price jumps.

Can I connect my devices to your cloud service?

Cryptocurrency mining in our cloud service is carried out on professional mining farms. We do not mine on phones with android, ios and other operating systems. Mining on android programs is not profitable and most often brings income to those who create such applications, but not to the owners of android and ios phones.

We do not scatter on dubious methods of bitcoin mining, this allows us to be included in the TOP list of the best and most reliable cloud mining sites.

How much can you earn on cloud mining?

The cryptocurrency market is developing significantly. Earnings on cloud mining is limited only by the size of the market as a whole. In our service, the minimum earnings average 5-10% per month. On our website, your earnings depend on the volume of the purchased contract, the more computing power you buy and the longer the contract term, the more profitable and faster your investments and investments pay off. In our service, we have opportunities for beginner miners. Beginners can start with the Promo plan.

Cloud mining today is a real way to profitably earn cryptocurrency, and we can definitely assure you of its relevance and that it is worth doing it now.

What is included in the contract price? How is the contract price determined?

The minimum unit of computing power to buy in our service is 1 TH/s.

Each device has its own maximum TH/s limit. The price of the contract in TH/s is the sum of the purchase price of the device, the service life of the device and the profitability in the blockchain network.

The price of a cloud contract is also affected by the commission of our service, the cost of electricity and other expenses.

You can calculate how much cloud mining costs on our website using the calculator, which is located on the main page of the site.

What cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin does your service work with?

Sometimes bitcoin mining becomes less profitable than altcoin mining. At such moments, when the difference becomes significant, we switch the equipment to altcoin mining. The list of altcoins is very significant and it makes no sense to list it all. The following popular altcoins are most often mined: Dogecoin – Doge (dogecoin), Ethereum – Eth (ethereum), Tron – trx (tron), Litecoin – Ltc (lightcoin), Dash, Ton coin – TON (TON) and other altcoins.

All accumulated cryptocurrency is converted into Bitcoin and credited to your investment account.

Conversion to bitcoin is carried out using popular cryptocurrency exchanges with a high rating: Binance (Binance), Bybit, Okex.